Dragon VS Tiger Bonus Everyday

Dragon VS Tiger Bonus to all players as part of a special promotion. This is a thank you gift from the game development team to punters. This is like thanking you for your companionship and trust over the past period of time. Let’s take a look at the special gift that bookmaker SuperAcce88 has prepared for this player.

Dragon VS Tiger Bonus
Dragon VS Tiger Bonus

Dragon VS Tiger Bonus Activity content

D&T Prize Promotion

【DRAGON Prize】

You will have a chance to win DRAGON prizes, if JILI, JDB, CQ9 slots get more than 1,000 pesos in 1 round.


【TIGER Prize】

Simply play JILI, JDB, CQ9 slots to get the prize. If you win 200x or more, you will win as many times as possible in 1 round. Also, having a chance to win a TIGER prize.


【Rank Policies】

  • Daily Champion: The member with the highest rank every day will be rewarded.
  • Weekly Champion: Choose the highest scoring member from the 7 days’ champions.
  • Monthly Champion: The Monthly Champion is awarded to the player who has earned the most daily champions in four weeks.

【 Distribution of the Prize Time】

The prize of daily, weekly, monthly champion will automatically be distributed to the winners’ accounts before 13:00 the next day.

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Dragon vs Tiger Bonus Promotion details

  1. The promotion is applicable for only JILI, JDB, CQ9 games.
  2. JILI-War of Dragons is not included in the D & T calculation.
  3. DRAGON and TIGER are two separate prizes, not related to daily/weekly prizes.
  4. If you play games and meet the specified rules, you can get both DRAGON & TIGER prizes at the same time.
  5. Daily deadline at 00:00:00~23:59:59. The daily winner will be the one who gets the highest prize within the specified period.
  6. For the monthly prize, there are two or more members at the same time, the prizes must be distributed equally to each of them.
  7. If no one enters the winner board that day, the system will automatically extend the time until someone enters the winner board.
  8. When the “Double” function is used after a round of games, even if the player wins or loses “Double”, it will not be counted in this promotion.
  9. If you get a JACKPOT in the game, it will not be counted in this promotion.
  10. There will be a champion every day. Without daily champions, there will be no weekly champions.
  11. Bonus needs 1X Turnover. There’s no limited games and withdrawals.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion is limited to each account, IP, phone number, email, and bank account. They can only be used once. If you apply for the discount again, SuperAce88 has the right to cancel the discount without prior notice.
  2. SuperAce88 reserves the right to alter, suspend, or terminate this promotion at its sole discretion without prior notice.

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