SuperAce88 Payment Methods

SuperAce88 Payment Methods
SuperAce88 Payment Methods

Q1. How to deposit:

Players must deposit into our designated payment channel in a few simple steps through the following SuperAce88 payment methods

SuperAce currently offers 3 payment methods: GCASH/GRABPAY/BANKING.

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Q2. How to withdraw money:

Withdraw money through a local bank

  1. Please click “Withdrawal” at the bottom of the “Member Center” menu.
  2. Clients must first transfer money to the main wallet before withdrawing. The minimum value is ฿ 100 and the maximum value is ฿ 500000.
  3. Make sure you fill in the withdrawal amount and all the information you would like to receive about your local bank.
  4. Click Confirm to submit the order.

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